Mojo Nixon's new Show on the NASCAR channel 128 "Manifold Destiny" is called the "favorite show on the NASCAR channel. Funny, energetic and entertaining."

The show is live on Monday evenings from 10-12 PM Eastern.

10/27/07 Special guests - The Race Doctor, R. Mark Stiles, Brian Vickers, Peyton Sellers, Bush Series Winner, Craftman Truck Series Winner

Typical guests include The Race Doctor and winning drivers from recent races.

If you're curious about Mojo's "Lyin' Cocksuckers" show - it is back on the air on 104 RawDog.

Mojo loves racing, he's loved it since he was a boy growing up in Danville VA.
Where's Danville? Between Martinsville and South Boston [ed. What proper southern gentlemen would allow their town to be named after one of the most Yankee ones on the East coast. I apologize for putting Falston, but I never would have thought there'd be a sourthern town named Boston (unless followed by sucks). Jeff and Ward Burton are from South Boston and Danville is the home of Wendell Scott #34 the only black driver. Richard Pryor made a movie about him "Greased Lightning"

Mojo also wrote a song about him, available on his album Frenzy and for download at

The show will be airing on 
Call in, even if you aren't a   subscriber 866-522-2846 .

Friends of Mojo are already talking. Check out the ramblings of this old buds the Dixie Butcher and Wes Freed.

The first show summary:
About 3 hours, no music, all talk and three racing oriented guests (in addition to callers).
Unlike his other talk show this one's got ads and stuff. Here's hoping he gets a few more bucks out of this one and it sticks around if he brings in enough revenue.

Jerry Bonkowski was on the show. He's the lead NASCAR columnist for You can also find Yahoo's NASCAR area

W. Earl Brown who plays Dan Dority in HBO's Deadwood who has a show on Outlaw Country offering support.

David Poole of the Charlotte Observer

Matt Yocum pit reporter for Fox Sports. Matt will be running a show with Tony Stewart starting Thursday November 30th on Sirius 128 out of NY for Champion's Week.

Mojo closed with his Wendell Scott song.
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